No Sew Activity (Quirky Gift)

Those that know me, already know I’m a quirk, but anyway, I was reading about animal symbolism and discovered an octopus is pretty nifty… they represent reaching life goals and achieving dreams with flexibility, intelligence and adaptability, a great omen to have in your life from the offset. In some walks of life octopus totems and gifts are very positive. Octopus is also related to fertility (but I think that’s about gents eating it for sperm count? Let’s side step that one)…anyway, I had a bee in my bonnet about making an octopus for the arrival of a new baby, let’s hope it brings her the loveliness they represent.

You will need a rectangle piece of material, a round ball pit ball or soft cushion filler, string or cotton, fabric pen, buttons or googly eyes.

My craft skills are not great, but that doesn’t stop me appreciating the benefit to children. Making a no sew octopus means children can really use their fine motor manipulation with a variety of grips and range of motion, they can also practice scissor skills and of course creativity all without a needle in sight.

Firstly, pop your filler or ball into the centre of the rectangular material. Then cut 24 approximately 1 inch wide sections, this is so you can plait legs. I ended up doing more than 8 legs as some sections got scooped up when wrapping the material around the filler, so had a few extra so there was always 8 legs dangling (told you I was a quirk and anyway, this is creativity, we’ve not time for anatomical correctness here)once you’ve either plaited or twisted eight legs, you can secure these by tying them up and the ends with string, ribbon, elastic, whatever you prefer. You can now wrap the material around the ball/filler with the legs dangling down and make it tight underneath the head. Finally, this is where you create a face, either gluing or drawing on eyes and a mouth. I popped a removable bandana on, just so I could write the occasion on do whatever you fancy.

My bonkers octopus made me laugh, and if it brings along all of life goals with intelligence and flexibility as it symbolises, then what more could you possibly want?

Go on, make one just for the craic 😊