I said yes to #secondhandseptember (back in January, but you know, there’s a hashtag now)

Something I’ve really got into this year is trying to develop more ethical fashion and all around shopping habits. Admittedly I’m a naughty consumer of single use plastics, I’m yet to find a reusable water bottle that I don’t find gross, nevertheless, I’ve been really happy to see Oxfam make #secondhandseptember a ‘thing’ there’s so much plastic hidden in clothing, and fashion has become fast (expensive and wasteful) and I couldn’t be more behind Oxfam’s idea.

I love a good trawl in charity shops nowadays, that’s not to say I don’t buy new, and aren’t sometimes wasteful, soooo… this year I delved into depop and love it. Why not check out my depop shop, but more importantly, share with me yours so we can all develop better shopping habits together.

I’ll be adding items from all aspects of Casa Cornwall, so there’ll be mens, womens, childs and other quirks. Happy shopping!


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