Back to the Blog with a brand-new (Frankie) baby

Hello all, the blog has been neglected somewhat this year because I’ve been a little otherwise engaged with a pregnancy and birth.

Please welcome Tansey Peach Cornwall born 20th June 7lb 8oz.

I’m hoping to re-engage with the world of blogging perhaps as a form of therapy (not gonna lie) so if you’re happy to read some reflective ramblings on real motherhood, with a dash of work, study and general antics I’m looking forward to sharing with you. As always those interested in solely a professional capacity can access the professional patronage section.

I’ve found real comfort in seeing other women’s insta posts, blogs etc, especially those in celeb world, it’s a nice reminder that motherhood, work/study, home life organisation is amazing and flipping hard in equal measure for all of us.

The community of social media and blogging can be a really supportive and helpful place, and I’m hoping to add to that from here on in.

Love to you all from Casa Cornwall

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