It’s J U N E

So it’s J U N E and I’ve not recently blogged, here’s why…

Imagine your life as an old horse carts wheel, each fraction between spokes represents an aspect of your life e.g. family, work, study, hobbies, gym (whatever they may be), and it’s fair to say that (especially) parents and professionals, and all those in the Education sector (all ages) fill the spokes with AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

Recently I have added another section to my spokes and officially begun my PhD which comes from humble brain trots beginnings;

Like when you start anything new it can consume you a little bit, that doesn’t mean you’re being productive… you’re just pre-occupied with thinking about it. Which I’d say is a good thing!

Say you’ve begun a cake decorating evening class, begun a new diet, begun a new hobby, what do you typically do? Maybe read up on it, either via social media, books, connecting with new people, this doesn’t mean however that the first cake you make is fabulous, or you’ve reached your target weight over night, or you’re now an expert at that new hobby. But you have however, begun to enter a new world, and begun digesting new information… Then come the brain trots!

With a little brain overload (and scientists now believe the bowel to be the bodies second brain) there needs to be an outlet, so you’re now consumed with great and not so great ideas, and you need to start actioning some of these… you’re suffering a case of the brain trots!

My little man recently entered The Big Biology Day Bake Off with a very appropriate cake – The Bristol Stool Chart

I’m taking motivation from wee man’s idea, in that as my case of the brain trots resolves, there may be other ‘types’ of stages that they pass through, and hopefully my ideas and brain motions ‘firm’ up.

Oh, and plenty of chocolate through the PhD process would help…

…accept another spoke to my horse cart wheel life is Orthodontics! (Not much choccy for me)… As a child I was scared off from going through with ortho work, thus, I have lived with the issues of not resolving said needed ortho work (which I am now old enough, ugly enough, and brave enough to tackle). So, the wheel has kept turning whilst I have had 5 extractions and accompanying dry sockets and infections (yes, I’m currently on antibiotics) so that has been less than joyful, and does cast a muddy clod across the spokes of my wheel. Nevertheless, as the PhD progresses, so will the orthodontia, and I’m hoping to take my mind off pain with a tightened brace via focusing on the PhD (and vice versa).

Nevertheless, concentrating on the PhD or Ortho work does not get the marking done, the teaching done, the article written, the book extract sent, the school run done, the house cleaned, the tea cooked blah blah blah and so I am consumed, busy, BUT most importantly, H A P P Y!

I am interested to know, what has been consuming you recently? What has caused your brain trots? Have your wheels been clogged up, or moving quickly just lately? I am only a comments box, connection or email away, let’s support each other, after all, parents, ortho clients, professionals and PhD candidates, we’re all in this together!

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