Preparing for Easter

Over the years wee man has been bestowed with lots of lovely Easter activities, crafts and treats. I’ve also made countless Easter cards, made many an Easter bonnet, display and much more loveliness with children in settings…so what do I do this year? Whilst I mull this one over, I thought I’d share our 2 favourite Easter surprise challenges!

Smasher Egg!

The smasher egg was protected by super villain Dr Octopus! Could wee man defeat him to smash open the egg to reveal his treats?! Well yes he could!

The smasher egg was made from papier-mache over a blown up balloon. The trick is to leave a big enough gap at the bottom to fill it full of treats, and seal up again. I used PVA glue and water to make the adhesive, and used up two ripped up old newspapers (this needed to be a tough egg to present a challenge). The top layer was then ripped up Marvel wrapping paper, the design hid where the opening point had been resealed.  When ready to fill, simply pop the balloon and peel out, add you items, and seal up the flap. Folks sell these now on ebay, but it’s far more fun to make your own!

Crime Scene Investigation!

Broken toys can really come in handy, especially a broken Yoshi toy we had. I had already purchased a new Yoshi toy for wee man, but made good use of the other in a crime scene investigation to solve on Easter Sunday morning.

And this was the offender…

The broken Yoshi was found totally dismantled at the bottom of the stairs next to a wanted poster of the perpetrator… But before we could reach him in reward of our Easter Loot, there was a trail we had to follow and tasks to solve (and a few yummies on the way).

Tasks included an egg and spoon race game, opening surprise plastic eggs, and following the bunny footprints… all to lead to the loot (and the naughty bunny).

Maybe you will choose to make a smasher egg, or mystery trail to follow. Whatever you’re planning I hope you have plenty of fun!



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