Kicking off the blog courtesy of ‘King of Kindness’

It was Random Acts of Kindness Week at wee mans school recently, and this was right up our street.

Whilst I imagine you are all kind souls anyway, you may find some of our acts of kindness good ideas to pay forward for yourselves.

Day 1 – Pre-Retirement Pack for a soon to retire headteacher

This included;

Googley Eyes – To look forward to retiring

5p – To contribute to the retirement fund

Pencil Crayon – To colour remaining days at work bright

Tissue – For any emotional moments

Jigsaw Piece – For the minds and hearts filled over the career, and, the little missing piece when they leave

Tea Bag – For an extra tea break

Stress Relief (I put in plastic popping paper with the following instructions; pop 2 caplets as required, speak to GP if symptoms persist)

Candle – To guide the new journey

Marker – To mark a new start

Balloon – To contribute to the retirement party decorations

Party Popper – To start retirement off with a BANG

Day 2 – Seeds of kindness for all school support staff to sow

We gave a large box of sunflower seeds for all support staff to share and plant so a tiny act of kindness could bloom into a huge flower.

Day 3 – Valentines Day

Gifts for wee mans class teacher of course, with the following poem:

Day 4 – Sugar Rush

Teachers stayed late on Valentines evening for parent meetings, so we sent a box of sweeties to provide a sugar rush and sweeten up the end of term.

Day 5 – Play dough sets for the entire class

You will need: flour, salt, water, dash of food colouring… mix together by using 1 jug of flour, 1/3 of the same jug of salt, 1/4 of the same jug water with a drop of colouring if required. Simply mix add extra water if too dry, more flour if too sticky.

We made two batches of dough to make: 15 boxes with green dough, googley eyes, pipe cleaners and foam shapes AND 15 boxes with mauve dough, cake cases, pipe cleaners and beads. The children in wee mans class could choose which they wanted and let their imaginations run wild!

That’s how wee man was crowned ‘King of Kindness’ now that’s a title to be proud of.

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