A very warm welcome to Frankie Baby!

If you’re a parent, a professional in early childhood care and education, or both (like me) you’ve come to the right place.

Here you will find personal, professional and academic musings on work and play with those wonderful small people whom we take most pride and joy in.

So perhaps it’s a funny parental anecdote you’re after… or an activity idea… maybe even a touch of research to read or cite in your essay… or, you’re shattered after the 7:30am-6pm nursery shift, covered in toddler juices and just want something cheap and easy to cook for your family… then Frankie Baby can help you out.

About Frankie

Who is Frankie?

Meet me, I’m Frankie Cornwall and when facing 30 I realised that my work life, personal life and academic life could not be separated, so I might as well (finally) accept it and thrive in it. We all know ‘finding the work life balance’ is difficult, but for me, pursuit of this is nearly impossible, certainly so (when just like the child engaged in their own free play) for me; work, play and learning cannot be disconnected, so I thought I’d compile them here in one place, as an invitation for wider connection and to invite fellow parents, early years professionals, academics and anyone with shared interests into my world. Now I appreciate that this may go against the grain for some, and that’s why I have created a section on Professional Patronage for those that would like to know more about my ‘day job’, as I truly appreciate and respect that many like a clear split between work, home, study and so on, but hand on heart, I have no desire to have (and maintain) multiple personas (one for work, one for home, one for study and so forth, that is just too much effort) I am who I am, I’m Frankie Baby!

Where did Frankie Baby come from?

I think my ‘Frankie Baby’ online presence was written in the stars from my own earliest years, as mum and dad named me Francesca-Alice (very sophisticated)… but, after all the effort that goes into choosing such an elegant name, my older brothers decided to call me (and still do) nothing but Baby (they pronounce it b-a-b-ee)… well, actually my eldest brother (and now his family) call me ‘Zoomer’ and that’s because I was (and still am) a million miles an hour… Oh, and my dad gave up on the ‘elegant’ and ‘sophisticated’ name thing entirely, and I’ve been known (lovingly) by him as ‘Gertie Gooseberry’ (to my mums dismay I think) since I can remember. Nevertheless, Zooming and Gooseberries will still find their place here, whether it be my blog posts show I’m a total gooseberry zooming around, or, through charming graphics. Either way, I hope you enjoy Frankie Baby.

What will you find on Frankie Baby?

The home page is a warm welcome and from here you can navigate around the site. Want to know more about Frankie Baby? Then you’ve clicked on the correct link! You will find the blog posts in ‘Smiles and Laughter’ cover a range of topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Family lifestyle e.g. parenting tips (and whoopsies), meal ideas, activities, days out, products
  • Discussion of ‘Hot Topics’ in the Early Childhood/Education sector e.g. professional practice ideas, items in the sector news, educational technologies
  • Research; I’m fascinated by the Smile and Laughter response and STEM/STEAM in Early Years

The Collaboration Station offers an invite for those that wish to partner on any of the above, but should you wish to keep this purely professional, then head into Professional Patronage. The Trading Post is a working progress but will soon sell my lovingly developed outputs and creations. Want to know more, or contact me? Then head to the Contact tab or email francesca@frankiebaby.co.uk. Let’s keep connected, make sure to head into the social media at the bottom of each page.



Smiles and Laughter

I said yes to #secondhandseptember (back in January, but you know, there’s a hashtag now)

Something I’ve really got into this year is trying to develop more ethical fashion and all around shopping habits. Admittedly I’m a naughty consumer of single use plastics, I’m yet to find a reusable water bottle that I don’t find gross, nevertheless, I’ve been really happy to see Oxfam make #secondhandseptember a ‘thing’ there’s so …